We Make Roller Derby Stickers!

We’re a couple of derby players from California that love making stickers! Check out some of our exclusive and custom stickers (mostly designed by us!) Because we know how tough you are on your gear, we use high quality vinyl that will last for years to come without fading or peeling.

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Custom Font, Vicious Green and Yellow Vinyl BiohazardBallpark Weiner and Ironsides Fonts (custom bend)Haunting Attraction Font / Black Glitter VinylCustom Font (Grand stylus from, Double Layer Vinyl (custom request)

Derby Number Sticker, Lobster Mobster Font, Emerald GreenHaunting Attraction Name and Number in Diamond Dust GlitterCustom Font, Roller Derby Red VinylBallpark Weiner Font, Black Vinyl
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Stitched Up Stickers, Custom Roller Derby Helmet Stickers, Decals, Wheel Tubes and More!