Our Team

Hey there! We're a few roller derby peeps from California who love roller derby and stickers, and decided to combine the two things we love and share them with the world. You may have seen us vending at RollerCon, March Radness, Derby Dolls bouts, Dustbowl Invitational and more, but nowadays we stick to the online mainly because we're old and tired.

The Crew:

Casey Maloney

Casey has been making and baking stickers for Stitched Up Stickers since it's inception somewhere around 2011. He lovingly crafts, cuts, packs, prints, ships and mails all of our stickers. He's also a kick ass drummer and a brilliant artist who makes many of our rad sticker designs. See Casey's art

Vendetta Vixen

In 2007, Vendetta jointed the Ventura County Derby Darlins and skated on the Vendolls and Brass Knuckle Betties teams, she also served as a board member of VCDD. Transferring to the LA Derby Dolls in 2012, she was drafted to the Varsity Brawlers where she continued to rock the track - banked style for the next two years. After 3 knee surgeries she had to give up roller derby, but continues street skating and has also coached the Mission City Brawlin' Betties newbie program.

The Shelbeast

On the track, The Shelbeast was a fierce blocker. Starting out with the Ventura County Derby Darlins in 2008, where she was drafted to the Battalion of Skates as well as the Sucker Punch Sallies. She also skated with the West Coast Derby Knockouts.



We have mad derby love for these folks:

Sisu Mouth Guards
S-One Helmets