Roller derby skate WHEEL TUBES are here!!!

FINALLY! A container to put your roller derby wheels in! Here are the reasons you should be excited about Track Bound roller derby wheel tubes:

  1. No more stray wheels wandering about
  2. No more dirty bearings from the bottom of your skate bag (keep them all in your wheels, tightly contained. Even if they slip out of the wheel, they are still in the tube – which happens frequently with nylon hubs.)
  3. No more shoelaces tied between wheels to keep them together! Tying, un-tying… now you can just drop them in the tube, pop the lid on and go!
  4. Sweet vinyl designs by Stitched Up Stickers so they look super cool
  5. Super affordable, you can buy a few without breaking the bank! (One for outdoor, one for slick surface wheels, one for sport court etc.)
  6. Container fits in one hand (because we all need 6 hands) or in the side pocket of your gear bag.
  7. Fits almost all roller derby skate wheels (slim or regular width)

Seriously, this problem has been plaguing me forever. I can only afford to have one pair of skates, which means I have have 3-4 sets of extra wheels floating around all the time. (A girl’s gotta be prepared for any surface!) I’ve tried everything from ziplocks, to shoelaces, to tennis ball tubes (which are not tall enough to fit all 8 wheels). So… voila! Stitched Up Stickers came up with a product that we love and use, and we hope you love it too!!! Track Bound roller derby skate wheel tubes!

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