Mustache Decal Variety Pack – Random Colors



A dozen mustache sticker variety pack (Includes one of each design, random colors including some glitter)

You didn’t hear this here, but it’s really fun to run around sticking these to the back of people’s helmets when they aren’t paying attention. Included in the shenanigans…

  • The Fu Manchu Moustache
  • The Barbell Mustache
  • The Winged Mustache
  • The Hitler Mustache
  • The Pencil Mustache
  • The Kumis Mustache
  • The Comb-stache
  • The Boomerang
  • And many more!

Tired of your same old stache decal? Try a new one each week! Single mustaches are reg. $2.00 each – so this is a hairy steal!


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