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Roller Derby Skate Laces – Yellow 72″


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One pair of 72 inch (183 cm) roller derby skate laces with super strong fibers, high performance wax, and molded tips suitable for roller derby and other high performance roller skating.

Roller Derby Laces Wax Coated

Performance Wax

Derby Laces are treated with the perfect amount of performance wax that feels awesome to the touch. They stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating.

Roller Derby Laces Fiber

Durable Fibers

Derby Laces are braided from a blend of high quality, high tenacity fibers. They are exceptionally soft, have high tensile strength, and are resistant to abrasion and moisture.

Roller Derby Laces Molded Tip

Molded Tips

Derby Laces feature a tri-fold tip molded out of the lace material itself. There are no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break. The lace tip is easy to lace and extremely durable. Simple damage can be repaired by flaming the tip.


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