NEW Roller Derby Wheel Tube 2.0 – Derby Designs



This is our BRAND NEW 2.0 Wheel tube, different from tubes you have purchased or seen from us in the past. We researched and developed a tube that is thicker, more durable, and damn near indestructible. The plastic wall on these bad boys is about .125 or 1/8″ thick, so it doesn’t flex when squeezed (unlike our old tubes) and it will keep your wheels incredibly secure.

The capping system on our new wheel tubes is MUCH simpler to use. Because the tubes no longer flex, the cap slips easily over the end without fuss – and holds tight.

This wheel tube WILL stand up vertically with wheels inside, and makes for great shelf storage. You can see what’s inside the tube easily from any angle – making grabbing wheels on the go a cinch. To put your wheels inside, simply stack them up, slip the tube over the top, flip it, and cap it!

Now you don’t have to worry about your bearings wandering off, even if they slip out of the wheels – they are right there in the tube. These tubes are airtight, and water resistant.


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