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Roller Derby

What is a Derby Wife?

Wondering what a derby wife is? You’re not alone. Maybe you’re new to roller derby and aren’t quite sure what to make of all this. If players pledging their undying love to each other gets you a little green in the gills, maybe we can help clarify. This isn’t just a plan to freak out…

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So… you’re picking a derby name!

If you’re picking a derby name that must mean that you have recently joined a roller derby league, and maybe you may have even recently landed yourself on at team! Wow! Go you! We are so totally jazzed for you. We’ve rounded up a few tips on picking a new derby name. Don’t forget! Once…

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Only 2 days left to enter our roller derby giveaway

If your looking to win some free roller derby goodies (and who isn’t?!) This is the contest for you! As of today, there are only 144 entries – so chances of winning are HIGH! You can also get tons of extra entries just by doing things like sharing to Facebook, Twitter and emailing to friends…

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What is Roller Derby

Okay…. der. Most of you are on this site because your already sucked into roller derby on some level or another. Maybe your a skater, a ref, an NSO, a security guard, a coach, or a super fan. Just in case you don’t fall into one of those categories above, let me give you a…

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