Only 2 days left to enter our roller derby giveaway

IRoller Derby Socks Contestf your looking to win some free roller derby goodies (and who isn’t?!) This is the contest for you! As of today, there are only 144 entries – so chances of winning are HIGH! You can also get tons of extra entries just by doing things like sharing to Facebook, Twitter and emailing to friends (and even more if they enter too!).

September SLAM – We’re throwing down prizes!

Enter our contest below for a chance to win this lovely derby swag!

  • Pretty blue airplane socks
  • Black lip print clutch/wallet (Plenty of card pockets, zip back, snap closure, ID sleeve)
  • 3 Slogan stickers (I heart derby, Roller Derby Gives Me a Boner, and BADASS)
  • Three bottlecap buttons (Vintage Pinup, Kitty Fire, and Pirate Girl)
  • Vintage Pinup Keychain

Official contest: