So… you’re picking a derby name!

If you're picking a derby name that must mean that you have recently joined a roller derby league, and maybe you may have even recently landed yourself on at team! Wow! Go you! We are so totally jazzed for you. We've rounded up a few tips on picking a new derby name. Don't forget! Once you have one picked out you should plaster it loud and clear on your helmet. (We'd love to help with that.)

roller derby name

First up, witty puns.

Of course, the best derby names have awesome puns. Think of something you LOVE in life, maybe even as much as roller derby at this point (okay, probably not for long) - then think about how you can tweak the words to be hilarious, racy, tough or rough and tumble. Since names like Suzy Hotrod and Tequila Mockingbird are already taken, you're gonna have to get EXTRA smart and quirky. Some of our recent favorites, Malice in Wonderland and Blue Buried. We're going to start a list of our favorite sticker makin' derby names, check back soon!

roller derby name

Lady names that also sound like verbs...go.

Anita (As in... Anita Slapahoe, Anita Beer, Anita Sandwich)
Ima (Let's see... Ima Blowbya, Ima Run, Ima Kickass)
May (How about May Q. Sick, May Q. Pay)
Mia (Mia Fast, Mia Stabu, Mia Mauler)

You got it, roll with it! There are so many more!

roller derby name choosing

Use your real name, with a twist

Not our absolute favorite, but this one can be super clever if done right. The key here, is not to make your name so hard to understand that nobody realizes it's based on your real name. Think Meggs N. Bacon!

Check in with your girls

Your derby friends have probably seen more derby names than they can count. Ask for their all time favorites, write them down and think about what they have in common. Are they funny, terrifying, or just downright smart? Pick your favorites from the list and see if you can come up with something equally promising.

Open up a dictionary

Seriously, this works. Find the most ferocious and fun words you can find, open up a dictionary or a thesaurus. Start with, fire, sass, fast, just choose some of your favorite thoughts and feelings on yourself and roller derby. Alliteration, rhyming, just throw some stuff together in a document and see what sticks! Pick your favorites and maybe have your friends or league mates vote.

See if it's taken

It probably is, yeah... that one too. In fact, I bet your first 10-15 perfectly wonderful, amazing, brilliant ideas are taken. Do you know why? Because there are thousands of kick-ass roller girls. Time to check the International Rollergirls Registry.

Now, time to register!

You found something!? I bet you did, because you're rad and resourceful. Check in with your derby league and see what their protocol on registering is. Several roller derby leagues require a certain amount of time as a league member, or a certain level of assessment passed in order to register.

Happy skating, and good luck!

All set?

We love roller derby because it was founded on self expression and creativity just like us. We love derby names because they are playful, witty and fun. Once you've decided on a derby name of your own, we'd love to make you a custom sticker as unique as you are.